Great Moments In Baseball T-Shirt Misprints: Mike Trout Is NOT A Los Angeles Dodger

Al Weaver Reporter
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Anyone out there want a Mike Trout #27 Los Angeles Angels Dodgers t-shirt?

The Daily Caller came across this gem at Sports World Chicago outside of Wrigley Field on Saturday.

Credit: Al Weaver

Credit: Al Weaver


Credit: Al Weaver

Los Angeles Angels outfielder and best player in baseball, Mike Trout, does not play for the Los Angeles Dodgers. I REPEAT: The best player in baseball is not a Los Angeles Dodger. Someone might want to let Sports World Chicago know.

He is an Angel, and will be an Angel for the foreseeable future after signing a long-term contract prior to this season.

Also, this shirt was on sale for “only” $19.99. Quite the bargain for baseball’s best.

At the very least, if you’re going to pick Mike Trout’s next team six years in advance, give him the LeBron treatment and say the South Jersey native is going to Philly.

Phils fans need something to look forward to after having their GM basically say they won’t be competitive again until the 2017 season. Some hope, if you will, for the depressed fan base.