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Kate Upton’s Movie Bombs On ‘Morning Joe’

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” devolved into a jokey discussion about gay versus straight marriage today as co-host Thomas Roberts revealed how he spent his weekend. He saw Kate Upton‘s new movie “The Other Woman” with his husband, Patrick Abner.

“There were a few laughs,” he said reluctantly and quickly. And then: “Can’t get those two hours back.”

Soon HuffPost‘s Sam Stein weighed in. “I’ve heard that is the worst movie ever created,” he said, straying from the topic on the table. “I could not watch that movie – it looked terrible.”

Co-host Joe Scarborough then went off about how Roberts spent his weekend. “You fight for the right to be married so you can be bored on weekends watching the worst movie ever made?”

Scarborough, twice divorced, then (jokingly, sort of) commentated on the institution of marriage, saying, “I’d be glad to switch and straight people not have the right to be married. Deal?”

Roberts played along: “Straight people, don’t get married!”

Scarborough: “I’ve been saying that for years.”