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DRUDGE WHORE: “It was very enjoyable to be stripped across the top of Drudge. You don’t see that everyday.” — WaPo‘s Dana Milbank on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” today about a column he wrote about President Obama on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard as the world burns. Read here.

Promises, promises 

“If you follow me on Facebook, I promise I’ll do my best to make your newsfeed less sucky by sharing good #content” — WaPo‘s Hunter Schwarz.

Wanna hear about my depression? 

I am considering posting something myself on my experience of mental illness, but it would have to be tomorrow. ‘Like’ if you want me to. — Liz Mair, online communications specialist.

The Observer

“There’s like a legit battle right now for the soul of the Internet between the snarky and the sentimental.” — Jeremy Barr, CapitalNY.

Travel Bitches

“So my flight is cancelled and @USAirways says they won’t pay for the hotel room. And get this…I’m booked 1st class & I get 3 bags on @USAirways. 9:22 am flight tomorrow is coach & they are gonna charge me. TOTAL BS!” — TV One’s Roland Martin.


The science of farting (no joke) 

The Earth is “farting:” Scientist explains mystery of methane craters — and why they’re deadly  — CNN International.  See here.

Self-aware media observer

“I’m pretty sure conservatives on Twitter hate-share more stuff from TPM and Salon than share the stuff I write.” — Washington Examiner‘s T. Becket Adams.

Life after The View: Solitude 

“I love2 eat out alone…take walks alone…ride the train alone…I love to people watch and imagine. Love spending time w myself!” — Sherri Shepherd.


The Media Critic 

“I’m always conflicted about Maureen Dowd. I don’t care about what she says but I love making fun of her.” — Chris Peleo-Lazar, Hill aide and ex-reporter for National Journal.

Whoopi’s reaction to Robin Williams’ suicide 

“BillyCrystal is right…There are No words” — ABC “The View’s” Whoopi Goldberg.