This Darren Wilson Clarifies That He’s Not The Darren Wilson That Shot Michael Brown

Aaron Bandler Contributor
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Ever since the name of the officer that shot and killed Michael Brown has been released, there has been a Twitter frenzy in trying to put a face to the name.

For awhile, many on Twitter speculated that St. Louis Police Sgt. Darren Wilson, who according to Fox 2 is is the president of the Ethical Society of Police, was the officer that killed Brown.



But this was not the correct Darren Wilson, as this Wilson has been with the St. Louis Department since 1996, Fox 2 reports, while the Darren Wilson that killed Brown was reportedly with the Ferguson Police Department for only six years.

The other Wilson made a Facebook post clarifying that he was not the killer:

“Greetings community members of St. Louis, MO and all those across the nation. The Ethical Society of Police has been closely following the events surrounding the unfortunate police shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO.

“As a result of public outcry and a demand for justice, the Ferguson police officer’s name was released and happens to be, Darren Wilson. The first thing we would like to assure the world is that this is a horrific coincidence. May I assure the world that this is not the President of the Ethical Society of Police’s Sergeant Darren R. Wilson who is African-American, and happens to be an 18 year veteran of the St. Louis Police Department.”

“I’m sure additional clarification statements will be released immediately.

“Thank you for your continued support.”

A photograph of the Darren Wilson that killed Brown has not been released.

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