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Who Said It? 10 Insufferable Tweets About Ferguson

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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In the tenseness that is Ferguson, Mo. these days, there are a multitude of reporters on the ground — some doing great reporting, others make great names for themselves, and still others who may not even be there, just spouting off in a deranged manner about the situation.

We’ve compiled the most insufferable among them. Can you figure out who made some of the most embarrassing comments out there?

We’ll make it easier for you. The choices are: WaPo‘s hotshot Wesley LoweryHuffPost‘s Ryan J. Reilly, The Daily Banter’s Tommy Christopher or GotNews‘ Charles C. Johnson. Ok, fine. We’ll throw in MSNBC’s Chris Hayes for good measure.

Click at the end for the answers.


Uh oh…is this one shitfaced? 

10. “Yeah, so what. Wilson shot a 300 lb. Brown 6 times with a 9 mm. I’m surprised he didn’t shoot him more. This is why we have .45s. #Ferguson

Ferguson coverage for tweens 

9. “Tear gas sucks.”


Reporter declares ‘war’ 

8. “Obama currently discussing our two wars: in Iraq and Ferguson, Mo.”

‘Real life’ analysis from someone who fears decapitation 

7. “What bothers me the most about #Ferguson is how it’s almost like a play with its villain cops & heroic black people. That’s not real life.”

Great analysis 

6. “BTW, while it’s true Ferguson has ton of media right now , the thing driving the story now is the enduring acute sense of injustice.”

How to make it all about MEEEEE! 

5. “Mace is a non-lethal chemical agent. I got old-school maced once, new stuff is supposed to not be as bad.”

Sarcasm is…

4. “Come on, guys. #MichaelBrown was just trying to hug #DarrenWilson and welcome him to the really nice #Ferguson neighborhood!”

In case you want more of my thoughts…

3. “Talked to @ezraklein about what I saw last night.”

Yeah, man, I don’t need Ferguson on my resumé

2. “Going to #Ferguson once was enough for several lifetimes. I’ll pass on the wannabe journalist theatre.”

And for the most insufferable….

1. “With all due respect, when are you coming down to Ferguson?” — the reporter to a hospital chaplain.


See the answer key after the jump…

Answers1. Lowery 2. Johnson 3. Hayes. 4. Johnson 5. Christopher 6. Hayes. 7. Johnson 8. Lowery 9. Reilly 10. Johnson