Megyn Kelly Upset When Ferguson Protests Interrupt Her ISIS Coverage [VIDEO]

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Megyn Kelly was upset Tuesday night when her Fox News producers interrupted a segment about the death of journalist James Foley to show protesters clashing with police in Ferguson, Mo.

Pete Hegseth, Fox News contributor and Iraq combat veteran, was discussing the video that surfaced of the Islamic State beheading Foley, and the growing threat the Islamic State poses to the U.S.

“It is not just a terrorist group,” he says as footage of police clashing with protesters in Ferguson takes over the screen. “At this point this is a terrorist army that believes it controls a state, a caliphate, an Islamic state. That sees no border between Iraq and Syria, wants to expand beyond that, and based on some accounts has upwards of 80,000 fighters.”

“Hold on,” Kelly breaks in. “Uh, I realize, can we, I just, I realize something’s happening in Ferguson, but we’re talking about something important here, so can you at least split screen the video?”

Producers switch the entire screen back to Kelly. “Look, it’s, the protesters and the police are clashing again, alright, they’re clashing again,” she says. “But we’re talking about the death of an American who was beheaded. And Pete deserves his say.”


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