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The Feminist

“What does it say about TV that all 6 Emmy nominees for director are men? Depressing. There are great female directors out there too.” — BBC’s Katty Kay.

MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough‘s presents an emotional morning rant against the GOP that sounds more Lawrence O’Donnell than Joe Scarborough: Watch here. The format is somewhat jarring.

Good question

“How long do I have to wait until the news cycle purges itself of Emmys news? Exhaustingly boring.” — HuffPost‘s Alexander Kaufman.

Chuck Woolery insults lefty “turds” for not thanking him 

“As a exercise I decided to Follow a bunch of Progressive little tweeters. Not one said thank you for following. Ungrateful little turds.” — Former “Love Connection” host and GOP activist Chuck Woolery.


D.C. tweets the Emmys 

“Do you ever consider not tweeting something because you don’t want to take time to look up how to spell something? #McConaughey #Emmys” — Politico publicist Olivia Petersen.

Jon Ward to Yahoo News! 

“Lotta kind words today. Thx to all. Thanks to @ariannahuff esp, for a great job that made room for my most impt one as husband and dad.” — HuffPost‘s Jon Ward.

The Media Critic 

“CNN hosts now playing forensic experts. This can only end well.” — Mediaite‘s Evan McMurry.

Sarcasm is…

“Are you looking for an operating system that spends less time functioning and more time updating? Windows 7 may be for you!”– National Journal healthcare reporter Sam Baker.

Obama Admin. congressional officer has convo with teenage son 

John Edgell, former press sec to ex-Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio), shared this on Facebook. 

Word for word, last night:

Me: Michael, how was your first day of school?

Michael, age 14: Good.

Me: What did you learn?

Michael: Nothing.

Me: Anything you want to tell me?

Michael: No.

Me: Do you answer every question with one-word answers?

Michael: Perhaps.