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Staged ‘Viral’ Video Depicts Suburban Dad Running Over Grown-@$$ Son’s Videogames With Riding Mower, But It’s Still Pretty Funny

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This is the fakest thing that’s ever been faked in the history of Internet fakery, but if they want it to go viral, I’m willing to do my part.

Courtesy of TPNN, get ready for some bad acting, gratuitous profanity, and an absolutely wonderful obliteration of hundreds of dollars’ worth of videogames.

WARNING: Bad Language, If You Even Care About Such Things Anymore

I predict a TV deal in this guy’s future, just like @ShitMyDadSays and @DadBoner and whoever else. TV loves nothing more than crazy dads who are total dicks but also make kind of a good point about our society.

Episode 2: Comic Books in the Wood Chipper. “They’re called graphic novels, Dad! That’s a first edition Dark Knight Returns, you maniac!” Etc.

(Full disclosure: I play video games. I read graphic novels comic books. I also pay for them myself, and for the dwelling in which I fritter away the precious hours of my life. And no, I don’t consider that any sort of victory.)

Update: John Hayward of Human Events has the perfect title for this new show.

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