Johnny Manziel’s First Commercial Is A Bust [VIDEO]

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Johnny Football is already making waves. And he’s doing so with this odd Snickers commercial where he’s surrounded by ladies. Middle-aged ladies, but still, ladies.

Honestly, this is a sub-par performance from Manziel. Where’s the “make it rain” guy we know and love? Where’s the guy who flips off the Redskins? Where’s the guy doing cocaine in Vegas? How does he not go back to being a wild and crazy drunk after he eats the Snickers?

After all, they said he wasn’t being himself. And if Johnny Football is anything, it is a lascivious, drunken, likely drug-riddled ball of party, not some sedate dude who just feels “better” after a Snickers. If he didn’t immediately leave that room and go on a bender, then Snickers should be sued for false advertising.

Yeah, he’s in a spandex Richard Simmons-esque outfit, but I expected so more. I guess now I know what it will be like to be a Browns fan this year.

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