NBC’s Andrea Mitchell: Obama ‘Seems To Be Having A Debate With Himself Sometimes’ On ISIS [VIDEO]

Brendan Bordelon Contributor
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NBC reporter Andrea Mitchell took a subtle shot at President Barack Obama’s indecision over ISIS, telling Senator Chris Murphy “he seems to be having a debate with himself sometimes” over his strategy against the Islamic terrorists.

Mitchell spoke Friday with the Connecticut Democrat about the president’s Thursday admission that he has no strategy to deal with the jihadists now running rampant throughout northern Iraq and Syria. She noted that Obama’s cautious, noncommittal tone contrasts sharply with the apocalyptic rhetoric of his top advisors, including Secretary of State John Kerry and Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel.

“Clearly the messaging was not right,” Mitchell said. “Because his team went out afterwards and tried to fix it by saying, ‘This is what the president meant to say.’ But is he right to be cautious about it, and should his national security team be on the same page?”

Murphy defended Obama, explaining how important it is to weigh the costs of inaction versus the potential of military strikes to inflame a volatile situation. “I think that’s the debate that he’s having internally, and it’s the right one to have,” he asserted.

“Senator, he seems to be having a debate with himself sometimes,” Mitchell noted wryly.

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