Josh Gordon Will Spend His Season As A Car Salesman

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Of course Josh Gordon is spending his suspension as a car salesman. What else is he going to do?

Josina Anderson broke the news on Twitter Thursday. In her TwitLonger post she said he would be doing everything from helping the Wounded Warrior Project to actually selling cars on the floor at Sarchione Auto Group.

It’s a solid gig and I can’t wait for the first commercial. Plus, it has to be better than actually playing NFL Football for the Cleveland Browns. Josh Gordon just sounds like the name of a guy who would try to sell me a Chevy.

I have two questions, though. First, which air freshener does Gordon prefer to give to the customers? He strikes me as a classic pine kind of guy. Plus, the dude loves trees.

Second, who had the better season-long suspension job: Gordon or Pacman Jones?

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