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Does Ann Compton Really Have To Be Subjected To The Pap At her Own Goodbye Party?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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The expression on American Urban Radio’s April Ryan‘s face says it all: You’re not seriously going all Perez Hilton on ABC White House radio’s Ann Compton are you?

Today in the White House briefing room, reporters toasted Compton, who’s retiring after 41 years.

At the party, The Daily Banter‘s fedora-wearing Tommy Christopher is standing where Josh Earnest normally does. Except Tommy’s not answering questions. He’s snapping sneaky pics of the back of Compton’s head.

Is that what one does at a goodbye party these days?

(On a sidenote, Christopher and Compton are pals.)

Photograph credit: CBS White House radio’s Mark Knoller, who wrote on Twitter, “Gracious as always, @AnnCompton thanks colleagues for the tribute and years of friendship.”