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Chris Matthews: Al-Qaida And ISIS Created By Dick Cheney

Derek Hunter Contributor
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I was watching MSNBC’s reaction to President Obama’s ISIS speech so I could reset my crazymeter to zero when I heard Charlie Brown’s illegitimate child, Hardball host Chris Matthews, announce to the world that former Vice-President Dick Cheney has built a time machine. OK, he didn’t exactly say Cheney has a time machine, or a Star Trek transporter for that matter, but he might as well have.

While providing air(head) support to the President for his awful, pointless, 15 minute rehash of things he’s said before (just not at night), Matthews blamed Cheney for creating al-Qaida and ISIS.

How did Cheney manage these things? He’s evil, obviously!

Also, Cheney created al-Qaida, according to Chris, “by taking over the Holy Land in Saudi Arabia…” Yes, the original Iraq war and having troops in the region, something no president ever changed, “created al-Qaida.”

I’m old enough to remember when progressives blamed al-Qaida on Reagan and “abandoning the Mujahideen in Afghanistan,” but I digress. If Chris Matthews says it (now) it must be true (now).

OK, so Cheney created al-Qaida magically. Got it. But ISIS? How did Dick Cheney create a group that formed after he left office?

He “de-Baathisized the Iraqi government and created ISIS,” Matthews declared.

Since none of his fellow “journalists” disagreed, it must be true. Surely such noted honest brokers like Andrea Mitchell, Rachel Maddow, and Al Shartpon wouldn’t sit silently while an untruth got out over their airwaves, right? You already know the answer.

If Dick Cheney is as all-powerful as MSNBC would have their viewers believe, if he could create al-Qaida in Afghanistan long after they were already in existence AND create ISIS long after he left office, shouldn’t the progressive Junta at MSNBC fear for their lives? I mean, if one man has that much power over events he’s not involved in, what chance would a few truth-telling dimwits have against him? Wedge Antilles didn’t take on Darth Vader because he knew he’d get killed. He let Luke handle it. (A very nerdy Star Wars joke.)

No, just like they knew Mitt Romney couldn’t really give people cancer, so they spouted that lie relentlessly, they know they’re lying now. But MSNBC’s business model isn’t based on informing people, it’s based on keeping people ignorant. The bigger the lie, the more likely it is to be believed…and we “lean forward.”

ISIS was formed on Obama’s watch, out of a Syria he rattled his sabre at, then did nothing. Had President Obama spoken out in support of, and offered actual support of, protesters in Syria during the “Arab Spring” the way he did in countries that were not a threat to the United States – like Egypt and Libya – the truly moderate opposition to Syrian President Assad might’ve stood a fighting chance. Instead, they were decimated and ISIS grew out of the radicals that remained.

ISIS is Barack Obama’s Frankenstein, Dick Cheney had nothing to do with it. Obama drew that red line in the sand, then scribbled it out. ISIS drew it back in the blood of the tens of thousands of people they slaughtered because Obama found it politically expedient to pretend they didn’t exist.

Now that Obama’s monster has, to borrow a phrase, “come home to roost,” the true origin of this evil army must be obscured.

This seems to be the mission of MSNBC and NBC News as a whole – keep people ignorant and hope they vote.

If their ratings, and the President’s ratings, are any indication, it’s not working as well anymore. Still, they’re leaning forward…

H/T Soopermexican for grabbing the video.