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BREAKING: Men Dig Young Chicks

Derek Hunter Contributor
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That headline is not exactly “STOP THE PRESSES” news. But data from OKCupid confirms what everyone already knew – men, no matter what their age is, find young women more attractive than older women.

That’s not to say they want to marry them, far from it, I’d guess quite the opposite, but it’s who they find most physically attractive.

Your “moment of ‘Duh!'” for this week comes courtesy of The Daily Mail.

They write:

According to a graph based on data from OKCupid dating profiles, women tend to be most attracted to men who are around their same age.

But the case is drastically different for men; the graph shows that once a woman passes the age of 22, she becomes exponentially less attractive to men.

In short: Men are pigs who like young women, film at 11:00.