Extra Curvy Meghan McCain Mad That Vogue Took So Long To Appreciate Her

Kaitlan Collins Contributor
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Meghan McCain is not happy with the “whitest magazine that exists,” Vogue, for its Tuesday article, “We’re Officially in the Era of the Big Booty,” which praised the butt and credited Jennifer Lopez with starting the booty movement.

From the article:

“For years it was exactly the opposite; a large butt was not something one aspired to, rather something one tried to tame in countless exercise classes. Even in fashion, that daring creative space where nothing is ever off limits, the booty has traditionally been shunned.”

“I think it’s complete and utter bullshit,” McCain said on her show Thursday, where she took issue with the article.

McCain, who often shares photos of her own curves, declared that “butts have always been in” and how “men love butts.”

So, two things:

1) Meghan McCain likes big butts.

2) She does not like that Vogue took so long to appreciate them/her.


Though all credit belongs to Sir Mix-a-lot who established this notion in 1992 with his scholarly article “Baby Got Back.”