The #ClyburnSexts Hashtag Just Might Make Your Friday

Rachel Stoltzfoos Staff Reporter
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Third ranking House Democrat James Clyburn confused sexting with texting the other day, so now there is a #Clyburnsexts hashtag. 

“Use the tools that we have,” 74-year-old Clyburn told a woman who called in to his C-SPAN interview. “We’ve got great tools to communicate about everything else. We can, uh, text. Uh, what do we call it? Sexting.” (RELATED: James Clyburn recommends sexting to C-SPAN Caller)

“Let’s do some voting, uh, uh, organizing over the internet,” he continued. “We’ve got the tools. Let’s use them for a new massive movement that will make sure that we can have in November 2014 the kind of turnout at the polls that we had, uh, in 2012 in November.”

Here are the best #Clyburnsexts tweets:







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