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ABC Misspells ‘Jane Austen’ At Miss America Pageant

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Oh, ABC, Google is always only a click away.

During the talent portion of the show, ABC put up little factoids about the contestants. One, who did a singing ventriloquist act (yes, you read that right), said she wanted to take Al Roker’s job. Not exactly deep thoughts, but little tidbits of information about each of the women competing to give the audience a peek into who they are.

Kira Kazantsev, Miss New York, sang “Happy” by Pharrell Williams during the talent portion of the show (while playing a plastic cup – don’t ask). While she was singing, ABC’s factoid about her was “Loves anything Jane Austin.”

Bxim8QDIYAAlg4E.jpg-largeUm, OK. But the proper spelling of Jane Austen’s name is with an “e,” not with an “i” like the town in Texas.

Not that you should expect genius from the Miss America Pageant, but this is an easy mistake to avoid. Kids, remember this simple bit of advice: When in doubt, Google it.

By the way, Miss America, Kira Kazantsev wasn’t harmed by the misspelling, she won the crown and is the new Miss America.

However, if it turns out they spelled Austen’s name the way Kazantsev submitted it she should be stripped of the crown immediately. Just kidding…mostly.