Floyd Mayweather Doesn’t Tip On $23K Bill

Seth Richardson Contributor
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What is it with athletes not tipping? I don’t get it. I worked in the restaurant industry for quite some time, and not tipping is one of the scummiest things you can do.

Now we can add Floyd Mayweather to that scummy list. Floyd made $32 million over the weekend with his lackluster fight against Marcos Maidana, but he couldn’t leave a tip on a $23,000 bill, according to Complex.

Nik Nyugen, the waitress, said Mayweather walked into Rehab, a club at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, with about 150 people before running up the bill. The hotel ended up comping everything, but Mayweather still didn’t leave a single cent as a tip.

Now, I’m willing to give Mayweather a bit of a break. After all, the guy can’t read. 50 Cent challenged him to read one page of a Harry Potter book, before deciding it was too difficult and switching to “The Cat in The Hat.” His publicist said he could read, but this radio spot proves otherwise. (RELATED: 50 Cent’s Mockery Of Ice Bucket Challenge Still More Productive Than Ice Bucket Challenge [VIDEO])

So I’m convinced he’s a dummy. A multimillionaire and richest athlete in the world dummy? Sure. But still a dummy. It’s almost a thing of beauty. Sorry Nik, but those are the cards you’re dealt when you serve an dummy like Mayweather.

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