Mark Steyn: Obama Has ‘No Interest In Driving A Stake’ Through ISIS

Al Weaver Reporter
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Author and political commentator Mark Steyn says that President Obama’s motivation to address ISIS is purely political and that he has no desire “in driving a stake” through the barbaric terrorist group.

“He wants to neutralize ISIS, not in terms of driving them from the map in the Middle East. He want to neutralize them as an issue in November,” said the bestselling author. “He wants to seen to be appearing to do just enough to make ISIS go off the front pages.”

“But other than that, he has absolutely no interest in driving a stake through them,” said Steyn.

Steyn pointed to the fundraising efforts of embattled Sen. Kay Hagen and other Democratic candidates, saying they’re only exhibiting where the president’s true focus is: winning in November.

“I like the Democrats prioritization and I can well understand why they’re doing fundraising,” said the Canadian free-speech advocate. “It would have been fascinating if they were doing D-Day now, and no Democrats showed up at the beaches of Normandy because they were all at some fundraiser.”

The Free Beacon reported Thursday that Sen. Hagen did not attend a classified hearing focused upon ISIS because of a fundraiser being held for her in New York City.

Steyn made the comments on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show Thursday night.