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Alaskan “F@ck It, I Quit” Reporter Posts A New Video

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Charlo Greene made waves when she quit her job at KTVA in Alaska on air, saying “F@ck it, I quit,” and stunning into silence the anchor.

After burning every bridge and future career prospect in television journalism, Greene, whose real name is Charlene Egby, posted a video entitled “Why I quit.” In it she rambles on about arrest rates for marijuana and all the typical boilerplate garbage someone who really thinks their cause is righteous drones on about. What she doesn’t do is explain why she was such an asshole about it.

I don’t care about swearing, I do it all the time. But what I don’t do is put people I work with in a position of discomfort because I want to make a spectacle of myself. Of course, I don’t have an inflated sense of self-worth. It seem Egby does.

I don’t feel the need to transcribe Egby’s self-aggrandizing rant – she wanted attention and she got it, and she’s getting it again. The video is posted below, but I suggest you put on some boots before you watch it because the bullshit piles up and gets deep really quickly.