Congressional Staffer Updates Mitch McConnell’s Wikipedia To Say Senator Thinks He’s A Turtle

Giuseppe Macri Tech Editor
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The latest update to Republican Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Wikipedia page firmly states what we’ve all been thinking.

On Monday, a computer traced back to a congressional office building was used to edit the Kentucky Republican’s Wiki to state that McConnell “is the first openly Otherkin member of Congress,” and believes “[h]is species identity is turtle.” “Otherkin” is a term applicable to people who believe they are partially or wholly inhuman.

The anonymous editor’s Internet Protocol (IP) address was tied to a computer in the House of Representatives.

The Hill reports the change was quickly deleted, but not before being reported on a Twitter account used to automatically tweet alerts about Wikipedia edits originating from congressional IP addresses.

Monday’s edit was not the first time McConnell has been compared to the adorable seafaring reptile. (RELATED: Turtles That Look like Mitch McConnell)

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