Film Group Making Its Start With Brad Thor’s ‘The Lions Of Lucerne’

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Resurgent Film Group is getting its start by launching a movie adaptation of Brad Thor’s spy thriller “The Lions of Lucerne,” Variety reports.

The company, which began forming three years ago with Thor as its executive chairman, will produce and fund its own films. Thor’s novel will be turned into a film operating around a $60 to $70 million budget, and will begin filming in Switzerland in 2015. Thor anticipates the film, an origin story, will turn into a franchise.

(Photo: Tumblr)

(Photo: Tumblr)

“The Lions of Lucerne” plot focuses on an ex-Navy Seal, Scot Harvath, who is the only one to survive an attack where 30 Secret Service members are viciously massacred and the President of the United States is kidnapped. Harvath starts a crusade to find the real killers, avenge those who are dead, and save the president.

The New York Times bestselling author told Variety the company combines Goldman Sachs, Merchant-Ivory, and Jerry Bruckheimer as its inspirations. (RELATED: Brad Thor Talks Conservatism)

“A new era has begun in entertainment and Resurgent will set its gold standard. By developing top quality projects, attracting top quality people, and deploying top quality processes, we are going to create exceptional entertainment product that respects our audience.”

Thor has also written “Act of War,” published in July, and “Black List,” which is about the NSA scandal. He appears regularly on “The Glen Beck Program,” and is also a party of a Department of Homeland Security’s program that predetermines ways terrorists could attack, which he called “aggressive” and “forward-thinking.” (RELATED: The Guns Of Brad Thor)

Below, Thor talks about the thriller “The Lions of Lucerne.”


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