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Quote Of The Day 

“Nothing like smoking a slice of pizza after sex.” — BuzzFeed‘s Samir Mezrahi.

Good job President Obama!

“This is the sternest, most critical tone Obama has taken in talking to the Muslim world, in my recollection.” — Chris Good, ABC News digital journalist.

“Obama is neither wan, nor diffident, nor hesitant, nor hand-wringy today.” — TheAtlantic‘s Jeffrey Goldberg.

On Chelsea Clinton’s baby: “Any truth to the rumor that Chelsea Clinton plans to name her baby Dubuque if it’s a girl and Ottumwa if it’s a boy?” — WaPo‘s Karen Tumulty.

Questions, questions

“Obama didn’t mention Assad once so far. Does he still want Assad to go? What’s the plan for that?” — The Daily Beast‘s Josh Rogin.


A complaint for The Washington Post

“Dear @WashingtonPost, I subscribe to you—in paper, even! So it feels silly that I can’t freely search your pre-2005 archive. Plz fix? —Rob” — Robinson Meyer, associate editor, The Atlantic. “P.S. @washingtonpost, revenue is rad and I obvi think you should have a lot of it. But my needs aren’t those of a professional researcher?”


Anthony Weiner cracks on Business Insider reporter (his colleague) 

@hunterw damn, that is some mack daddy access that pass got you. is that a sony tv?!” — Business Insider columnist and professional crotch photographer Anthony Weiner to Hunter Walker. Walker is at the U.N. where President Obama addressed the general assembly this morning. Weiner responded to this tweet from Walker: “There was light smattering of applause after Obama speech in press holding room outside the general assembly chamber.” (See the accompanying photograph with the TV above.)

A word of advice to reporters

“To all of you live-tweeting snippets of Obama’s speech: why not just post the prepared text and be done with it?” — The Daily Beast’s executive editor Noah Schactman.

Editor finds job pitfall 

“I love my job, but the fact that I’m now on a list for press releases about Rascal Flatts is one of the downsides of it.” — Washington City Paper editor Mike Madden.

Petite HuffPost reporter wants WMATA to add a pole on Metro

“Why won’t @wmata put a pole here?! Short people can’t reach ceiling bars. It encourages folks to lean against doors!” — HuffPost senior political reporter and Politics Managing Editor Amanda Terkel.

Washington Bureau Chief must wait in long ass rental car line

“You know it’s going to be a long day when the line to get on the rental car shuttle is two blocks long. Oh, #phx.” — USA Today‘s Susan Page.

Convo Between Two Journos

This morning’s rather tense conversation is between The Daily Banter’s Olivier Willis and HotAir’s Noah Rothman.

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