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Let’s Play ‘Where’s Waldo’: White House Fedora Edition

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Today we point out some of our favorite characters within the White House Press Corps. Some we know. Some we just think we’ve seen before. Some are complete trouble. Think of it as Washington, D.C.’s own Wack Pack.


1. It’s The Daily Banter‘s infamous Tommy Christopher, the Walter White of the White House Press Corps. who wears his signature fedora wherever he goes. The hat first emerged (at least the first time witnessed by The Mirror) during this year’s dreadful White House Correspondents’ Dinner weekend. At the time, Tommy refused to say how he’d gotten into the dinner.

2. Don’t let his mild manner fool you. It’s troublemaker and lefty radio host Bill Press. Completely lethal, especially the snow white hair.

3. What’s George Clooney doing back in the U.S. from his wedding in Venice? Or else… it’s Jim Acosta. We’ll take Clooney.

4. There’s April “Do not mess with me” Ryan of American Urban Radio.

5. Did this white guy try to imitate Kanye West‘s most recent head shavings?

6. Oh look! It’s a CNN Brian Stelter lookalike.