Why Republicans Should Care Most About Obama’s Safety

Matt K. Lewis Senior Contributor
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Writing in The New York Times, Peter Baker notes Republican criticism of the Secret Service’s security lapses, suggesting that “it would not be all that surprising if Mr. Obama were a little wary of all the professed sympathy.” Yesterday, my friend Jimmy Williams, a liberal commentator, likewise tweeted that “All the gop outrage over the President’s safety is a bit disingenuous.”

This is both insulting and illogical. It’s insulting for the obvious reason — all Americans should care about protecting our president — regardless of party. That’s common decency, and should go without saying. I would suggest it’s also correct to pray for our leaders.

But it’s illogical for a couple of reasons. First, the problems plaguing the Secret Service could impact the next president, who might be a Republican. But they’re also illogical because — even if Republicans cared nothing about this president’s life (a point I would suggest is both wrong and cynical) — the worst possible thing that could happen to Republicans would be for some tragedy to befall this president.

I would suggest that conservative militias should begin voluntarily policing the fence around the White House, immediately. There is no border more important to protect, and there is nothing that would potentially do more harm to the cause of conservatism than for some horrible thing to happen to this president. Even if you put humanity and common decency aside, conservatives have a greater incentive than anybody to ensure his safety and security.

God save the president.

Matt K. Lewis