Don’t Be Alarmed But Some Arab Guy Walked Into A High School Asking ‘Suspicious’ Questions

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A fortysomething Middle Eastern man described as having a thick Arabic accent waltzed into Moore High School in Moore, Okla. without authorization last week and asked a number of “suspicious” questions, according to police.

Police officers have now tracked the man down, local CBS affiliate KWTV reports.

The man, who entered the school without permission through an unlocked door and then made his way into the cafeteria, queried two students and a teacher.

Sources who spoke to KWTV say the man wanted to know the number of police officers who work at the school on a regular basis and the location of the closest police department.

The odd question-asking incident lasted only a couple minutes. Then, apparently, the man disappeared.

“It’s very concerning that he was able to enter the school unannounced, unconfronted, that’s concerning. That’s something that has to be fixed,” Moore police department spokesman Jeremy Lewis said, according to NBC affiliate KFOR.

The incident, which was caught on surveillance video, was not reported to police for two days, according to Fox affiliate KOKH.

The FBI has been notified about the incident and is investigating.

Police are not identifying the man. They say he currently faces no criminal charges.

Last week, a different man in Moore, an Oklahoma City suburb of 55,000 residents, reportedly beheaded a 54-year old female co-worker and stabbed another co-worker. He had previously been fired from his job and tried to convert fellow employees at Vaughan Foods to Islam.

That man, Alton Nolen, has a tattoo on his abdomen reading “AS-SALAAMU ATAIKUM.” The Arabic message, essentially meaning “peace be upon you,” is used as a greeting by Muslims. (RELATED:Man Accused Of Oklahoma Beheading Has Muslim Greeting Tattooed On Abdomen)

Police say they do not believe the incident at Moore High is related to last week’s local beheading. They say the man who entered Moore High asking about police is not a threat.

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