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1. Can things get any worse for the Secret Service? WaPo‘s Nia-Malika Henderson has the details on photojournalists at a Wisconsin event being asked to disclose their race as a security measure. First Lady Michelle Obama was a guest at the event. By the way, she’s black. Read here.

2. The Question is, does this Vox author understand diversity? An example of what a Vox reporter Kelsey McKinney finds crazy? It’s Mathew Klickstein, author of SLIMED! An Oral History of Nickelodeon’s Golden Age, saying this: “Why does someone who’s making something about a black person need to be black? Why does someone making a show about an Indian person need to be Indian? Why does someone making a show about women need to be a woman? If you’re making something about an alien, you don’t need to be an alien to do it.” Read the rest here. 

3. Watch Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) read mean tweets… His wife, Marilyn, reads this one, laughing, “You’re a butthhead.” Washington Free Beacon recreates the feature created by ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel. Watch here.