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Is WaPo’s Wesley Lowery Now A Silicon Valley Technology Expert?

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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Washington Post reporter Wesley Lowery has a lot of issues with Politico. One, he says he’ll never work there because it’s not a place for black people, bro. Two, Politico‘s Dylan Byers dared to say Lowery is not a “hero” because he got “arrested” in Ferguson, Mo. some months ago. And three, he flipped over Politico‘s recent takedown of WaPo, which said things haven’t changed much or improved under the year-old Jeff Bezo‘s regime. And worse, that Bezos isn’t terribly involved and has no plan for catapulting the paper to success.

But now that Bloomberg Businessweek has come out with a story Monday declaring that Bezos has a plan, Wesley, known to be something of a flamboyantly pompous douche, is all fired up. The plan is an app that Bezos plans to install on Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet. Except–wait. Are apps a new phenomenon? Yeah, not so much. What’s more, it won’t be free. You’ll eventually cough up a monthly subscription fee. Good times.

Still, in Wesley’s mind, this is vindication for his complaints about Politico‘s story last week as well as his remark that Byers “says tons of dumb things.”

Let’s get this straight. Wesley’s basically suggesting that The Washington Post launching a Kindle application is a signal of major progress? Look, I’m no techy by any stretch. But if you’re viewing an app as a major technological innovation, just maybe you don’t really know what you’re talking about.

And since when is Wesley part of WaPo‘s PR department? His title is: reporter. Hey Marty Baron, you going rein this guy in or what?