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You Can See Morgan Spurlock’s New Movie For Free, Maybe

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Do you enjoy Michael Moore’s movies, but you’d prefer a bit less regard for the truth? That’s why we have Morgan Spurlock. And now he wants to teach you how the economy works, free of charge!

Brent Lang, Variety:

Morgan Spurlock and a group of economically-minded filmmakers are on a mission to prove that the best things on screen are free.

The “Super Size Me” director is teaming up with Landmark Theatres this month to offer the new film series, “We the Economy: 20 Short Films You Can’t Afford to Miss” for free at 20 locations ranging from Boston to San Diego for one night only. The film will then be made available digitally and through other platforms the next day, also without charge.

Now that’s a bargain, assuming you live in one of those cities. All you’ll be wasting is your time.

Just kidding. Who better to explain economics than people like Spurlock, Adam McKay, Amy Poehler, and Patton Oswalt? If they don’t know more about it than you, teabagger, then why do they work in Hollywood?


Spurlock definitely isn’t doing this because this movie is a piece of crap and otherwise nobody will see it. No way that could be it.

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Jim Treacher