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The Middle East’s Big, Really Big, Battlefield

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By Mordechai Ben-Menachem

Change frightens many, perhaps most persons.  Yet, each moment of each hour of each day brings change; change is the only unchangeable in our universe.  But, change is also the essence of strategy – what, when, how to change; publicly or surreptitiously?  Major changes may have far-reaching strategic consequences.  On the grand stage, movement is change and change is movement.  Motion, in and of itself is a form of attack.  Not-moving can also be a form of attack.


1.  Candidate Obama did not make a Jihad declaration in 2008 when he stood on the steps of Yad Vashem, the Holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, and declared he would do nothing to prevent another Holocaust if elected president; merely a nod.  However, in 2009, in Cairo, he made a clear and open Jihad support declaration (if not presented so), then reiterated later, in Istanbul.  Words are actions.  Not moving is action.  Just ask Islamic State; just ask nice and dead, gassed Syrians.

Turkey, Obama’s ‘best friend,’ sent tanks to the Kobane border to prevent Kurds escaping and to prevent reinforcements from arriving.  Indeed, to ensure no misunderstanding, Erdogan’s riot police have been murdering Kurds protesting the lack of Western response to the impending massacre.  While the entire world occupies itself with the perennially stalled Iran Nuclear talks, the New Ottoman Empire races towards its own bomb, on 2,500-mile range missiles.

No military material has arrived in Kobane for the Kurds from the US or Europe.  Obama has done nothing to prevent another massive massacre of women and children.  Do people really expect the Kurds to forgive and forget, as tens of thousands of their brothers and sisters are slaughtered?  Perhaps they expect the other oppressed people of the Middle East to not notice.

Recently, I minutely examined Department of Homeland Security reports; a truly fascinating study in obfuscation; hundreds of misinformation pages.  Perhaps the most amazing historical fact is that after six years, I still have no idea who is Barack Hussein Obama, the most opaque president in history; the most opaque politician in American history.  His actions speak loudly and will be remembered, broadly.

2.   The Bureaucrats in Brussels believe an Arab has a right to purchase or build a home in any part of Jerusalem, but Jews can only buy homes in areas that they have pre-selected.  This is racism; nothing new for them.  They have begun to implement steps intended to force their solution upon Israel.  They will, of course, fail.  Europe needs to figure out a simple statement.  They rejected Semites; they have now gotten the Semites they so richly deserve.

3.   Middle East threats grow increasingly diverse.  The problem is that every ME threat is mirrored by a similar threat to the West.

ISIS assassins number 50,000, hell-bent on making the whole world Muslim and assisted by additional tens of thousands Boko Haram, Hamas, El Shabab, Al           Qaeda and many more groups;

  • “attack tunnels” from the Gaza Strip directly to Israeli settlements along the Southern border, and concomitantly, tunnels under the US Southern border;
  •  stockpiles of tens of thousands of missiles aimed at Israel from the north, center and south, and concomitantly, thousands of missiles aimed at Europe heartland  to aid in the planned Islam uprising.

4.     The history of Islam, but most particularly Arab Islam, is constant imperialism, colonialism, gender apartheid, egregious religious bigotry, anti-black racism and slavery.  Are you aware that there is no word in Arabic for “negro” or a “black person” other then the word ABD; whose only meaning is slave?

Tens of clans and villages in Israel are peopled by folks who know they were forcibly converted by the Ottoman government towards the end of the nineteenth century – they still light Friday night candles, under a table – afraid to act; afraid to return.

5.     Do you wish to defeat the Jihad?  Israel, India and China are probably the only countries that do.  There is a clear path.  Give freedom back to all the subjugated peoples of the Middle East – Kurds, Baluchs, Copts (real Egyptians) Amazigh and more.  Return the Arabs back to Arabia, where they came from before they began their horrible rape of the entire Middle East.

The worst imperialism of human history must end.


Mordechai Ben-Menachem is a former researcher/lecturer at Ben-Gurion University and an author of 30 book ranging from engineering to poetry. He is also an ordained clergyman and a former soldier. He currently lives in Jerusalem.


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