Chris Matthews: Republicans Trying To ‘Screw The Black Voter’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter
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During an interview with Democratic North Carolina Senator Kay Hagan, host of MSNBC’s “Hardball” Chris Matthews asked her for her thoughts on the Republican-controlled state Senate’s passage of several voter reforms. Like the fair-minded journalist he is, Matthews presented both sides of the controversy: Are Republicans horrible racists trying to keep blacks from voting, or cheaters trying to keep Democrats from voting?

“So is this based on racism or partisanship?” he asked Hagan. “Why are they trying to screw the black voter, to put it bluntly? Is it because they don’t like blacks, or because they don’t like Democrats?” (RELATED: Chris Matthews Says Obama Should Stop ‘Pandering’ to ‘Ethnic Groups’)

“I think they are trying to suppress Democratic turnout,” Hagan responded. “Sundays to the polls, done away. The whole early voting concept, people have busy lives. They want to go and vote early and to think you took another week of that away, that’s wrong. That is really wrong.”

But Matthews seemed sold on the racism explanation. “African-Americans think they’re being targeted because they’re African-Americans not because they’re Democrats.”

Finally, Hagan decided to go with racism as well. “Well, you know, I tend to agree with them.”

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