Ann Romney: Mitt Won’t Run in 2016 [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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After teasing the possibility of a third run at the White House in September, Ann Romney is shutting down the Mitt 2016 talk.

“We’ve done it; we’ve had our turn,” Ann Romney told NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday morning.

In September, Ann led people along after telling Fox News’ Neil Cavuto in September, “Well, we will see, won’t we, Neil?” (RELATED: Will Mitt Run Again In 2016? ‘We Will See’ Says Ann Romney)

“As you’re running through airports, everyone’s screaming at you ‘run again.’ It’s complimentary,” Ann Romney told Maria Shriver, a special anchor for NBC News.

“We are having no serious conversations about it because we said at the end we will never do this again. It was hard,” Ann Romney explained.

“We’ve done it; we’ve had our turn,” she said with a sense of finality.

Mitt Romney himself has been coy about the possibility, repeatedly saying that he’s not thinking about the possibility, though he admitted to radio host Hugh Hewitt that “circumstances can change.” (RELATED: Romney On Not Running Again: ‘Circumstances Can Change’)