Coulter To GOP: Stop ‘Constantly Sucking Up’ To Hispanic Voters [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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In an appearance on “The O’Reilly Factor” Friday night, conservative columnist Ann Coulter was critical of the GOP for appealing to known Democratic voting blocs, specifically Hispanics, rather than simply appealing to base voters.

“Instead of constantly sucking up to a group of people who will never vote for you,” said Coulter, hitting specifically against GOPers for immigration reform, “how about appealing to the other voters who are just gonna go home and say ‘Screw you.’”

“You’re not getting that vote anyway.”

“The Democrats get basically every immigrant group to bloc vote for the Democrats,” she noted, also mentioning issues of election fraud as a reason for Democratic success.

Coulter was also critical of the GOP for being too kind to Wall Street, and echoed O’Reilly’s point that the Republicans don’t have a face for the party, like the Democrats do with President Obama and the Clintons.

The two also touched on 2016 and the possibility of an other Mitt Romney run.

O’Reilly told Coulter he believes the 2012 GOP nominee will repeat as the nominee in 2016.

“I think Mitt Romney’s going to the be the nominee as it stands now,” said O’Reilly.

“I hope so,” said Coulter, who was a notable Romney backer from start to finish in 2012. “Oh, I hope so,” noting the only hopes for the party, in her mind, are Romney and conservative firebrand Ted Cruz.