Republican Strategist: GOP Midterm Win Coming Thanks To ‘Conga Line Of Screw-ups’ By Obama [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Could things be turning in the direction of Republicans with 16 days until the midterm elections? Some strategists seem to think so.

On “Meet The Press” Sunday, GOP strategist Mike Murphy told host Chuck Todd that with a little more than two weeks, the midterms are shaping up well for Republicans because of a “narrative of incompetence” on President Barack Obama’s part, along with his ever-dwindling poll numbers.

“You can’t get Alison Grimes to admit who she voted for with the jaws of life. I mean that was a disaster for her and Mitch McConnell’s going to win,” said Murphy. “The president’s numbers are down at 40 percent; I mean, broccoli is at 45. You’re going to have a rejection.”

“Right now, I believe the thing is moving in a good Republican direction because of the national reject the president numbers.”

“We have had a conga line of screw-ups here with the IRS, the Syria red line fiasco, now we have Ebola,” said Murphy, noting that campaigns shouldn’t politicize the issue too much.

“It does become a narrative of incompetence. He’s going to get punished”