Ted Cruz SLAMS Obama: Lack of Travel Ban Arguments ‘Don’t Make Sense’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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Ted Cruz is at it again.

The Texas senator hit President Barack Obama left and right for his missteps and mistakes combating the ongoing Ebola scare currently facing the U.S on CNN’s “State of the Union” Sunday.

His point of contention is the lack of a travel ban from West Africa, which he says would aid the U.S. in warding off a possible outbreak.

“We should stop issuing travel visa’s from Liberia. Which, interestingly enough, the neighboring countries in Africa have done. What we need from the president is serious leadership to protect the American people,” Cruz said. “It shouldn’t be a partisan issue. We should be protecting citizens of this country.”

Host Candy Crowley pushed Cruz, pressing him about what he would do if he were the president and the doctors were advising against a travel ban, as they currently with Obama.

“The doctors and the experts that are saying this are working for the administration and repeating the administration’s talking points, and their arguments don’t make sense.”

“What is unfortunate is watching the OA treat this like yet another political issue, rather than a public health crisis,” Cruz said, also referring to the need to lock down the southern border to keep the virus from arriving from Central America.