Cardinals Player Trolls Raiders Fans Via Whiteboard Shenannigans

Seth Richardson Contributor
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Normally I’d feel bad for an 0-6 team, but this is the Raiders. Nobody likes them. Even Raiders fans don’t like the team as much as they think. They’re abusive and surly.

So what better way to respond to that than to troll them? Injured Cardinals DL Darnell Dockett found the perfect way.

At Sunday’s game, Docket decided to have a nice whiteboard conversation with the fans. Here’s the twist in the dagger he put in them.


Nice. Rub that 0-6 in. I thought the Jaguars and Browns were going to be bad, but Oakland just takes the cake.

When asked why he did it, Dockett replied with this.



Expect a fine soon. Can’t have too much fun in this league. Also, Dockett probably shouldn’t step foot in the Oakland Coliseum for a while, lest something like this happens.

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