Facebook Marks Yahoo Story On Crowd Walking Out Of Obama Speech As Spam

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Some people are not happy with a Yahoo News story on a large portion of the crowd walking out on President Obama at a Maryland campaign speech Sunday — and they’re reporting it as spam.

The walkout story is embarrassing to the president and casts a negative light on Democrats’ prospects on the eve of the November election. As political passions heat up, some people are letting their emotions get the better of them and reporting links to Facebook as spam.

When you click on the link in your timeline or on someone’s wall, you get the following message:

When you try to post the story on your own wall, you get this message:

Facebook’s spam policy states you can receive a spam warning “because you sent messages that other people reported as spam or engaged in behavior other people found harassing, even if you didn’t mean to. We don’t allow people to send threatening, sexually explicit or harassing Facebook messages.”

Nothing in the story, written by Reuters, could be deemed harassing, threatening, or sexually explicit, leaving only that “other people reported [the story] as spam.”