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Someone In Texas Buys Gun Using Twitter’s Spokesman’s Credit Card

Betsy Rothstein Gossip blogger
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It’s not easy being Twitter’s spokesman. You have to be everywhere and nowhere all at once. And you have to be adept at giving non-answers to questions you’re asked regarding Twitter.

But over the weekend, Twitter’s D.C. spokesman Nu Wexler, the former aid to Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.), had a lot to deal with.

A) He learned that someone in Texas bought a gun using his credit card number. And B) He had to find a parking space in D.C.’s Shaw neighborhood, which can be a real bitch depending on the time of day.

He even caught the eye of NYT political reporter Jonathan Martin, who had the good sense to wonder about Wexler’s hunting practices.

Asked if he got the matter resolved … well, Wexler, of course, had no time to reply. He’s busy tweeting.

UPDATE: Miracles happen. Nu replied! Asked if the gun purchase mishap had been resolved, he replied, “It’s still not resolved. I noticed the purchase on Saturday night, called Bank of America immediately, and their customer service rep told me I have to wait until the purchase is processed before I can dispute the charge.”