Mark Levin: Democrats Need ‘A Good, Swift Kick In The Ass In This Election’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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What does conservative radio host Mark Levin think Democrats need come Nov. 4? As he put it rather simply, “they need to get a good swift kick in the ass.”

Appearing on “Hannity” Tuesday, the flame-throwing host remarked that under President Barack Obama, “this country’s gone to hell” and said that he expects the president to go “full Mussolini” during his final two years in office.

“The country’s gone to hell under this president, under the Democrat Party. Everybody knows it,” Levin told host Sean Hannity. “I think with Obama, it’s going to get worse. You’re going to see his full Mussolini coming out with his pen and his phone, these executive fiats that are utterly unconstitutional. He’s going to do everything he can in the last two years of his presidency to further screw up the country.”

Levin also touched on the pro-Kay Hagan literature that emerged recently and referred to “lynching” as a scare tactic, saying the Republicans need to combat this kind of discussion by telling the electorate how they’ve stood against racism in history. (RELATED: Pro-Hagan Flier Uses Lynching Image, Warns Of ‘Obama’s Impeachment’ If Democrat Loses)

“This is a hateful, race-baiting party that has really no good ideas, let alone knew ideas. I hope African-Americans around the country understand that the Democrat Party has always used them,” Levin said, going on an ensuing rant that touched on everything from the Democrats supporting segregation against Lincoln to them nominating former KKK member Robert Byrd as their majority leader in 1977.

“The Democrat Party is a disaster. It’s become a radical party. I have problems with the Republican Party but the Democrat Party really has lost its way,” said Levin.

“They need to get a good swift kick in the ass in this election,” he concluded.