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Write Your Own Anthony Weiner Joke, People

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Ebola. ISIS. Bob Stookey’s leg. Everything seems to be going wrong. Americans are super-depressed about America, even though Barack Obama is president. We need some cheering up. We need somebody to help us forget all our problems. We need to laugh again.

Guess who’s baaaaaaack?

Lucy McCalmont, Politico:

Three years out from the 2011 sexting scandal that forced him from office and just over a year from his failed mayoral bid during which more explicit messaging with women was revealed, [Anthony] Weiner is slowly but steadily building a post-political life.

In a recent interview with POLITICO in New York, the former Democratic congressman spoke extensively for over an hour about being a father to son Jordan, who turns 3 in December, and how he keeps busy these days with business interests and media appearances. He had nothing good to say about D.C., the city he left behind which he now dismisses as “a little hokey town” (and revealed he’s no “House of Cards” fan, either).

Ha ha ha! If he doesn’t like D.C., why did he lie his ass off trying to stay there? Why did he blame Andrew Breitbart for his own self-inflicted problems? If he hadn’t accidentally tweeted a picture of his genitals instead of direct-messaging it to a woman who was not his wife, he might still be in Congress.

Did he think that he ever really inspired loyalty in his colleagues, just because he said all the things he was supposed to say and slandered all the people he was supposed to slander? Did he think his fellow Democrats actually liked him?

I guess I could read about his hour-long interview to find out. Go ahead, if you feel like that’s a good use of your time.

But two subjects remained firmly off limits: the role of Weiner’s wife’s in a possible Hillary Clinton presidential bid — and whether he’s still messaging women.

I think we can take that as a “Yes” to both. Which should make Hillary 2016 even more fun.

“I mean, realistically, my political career is probably over,” says Weiner, who turned 50 last month.

If that’s realistic, who needs realism? Coming to a White House near you: WEINER 2024!!!

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