Rachel Maddow Flips Out On Hagan For Skipping TV Debate [VIDEO]

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is actively rooting for Democrats this November. With races so close around the country, it’s understandable why she’s on edge. But she went over the edge Tuesday night.

North Carolina had a Senate debate Tuesday, but only one candidate showed up.

Democrat Sen. Kay Hagan, in a very tight race, decided to skip the debate, her campaign saying they only agreed to three debates, and this would be number four.

But the debate was scheduled, the TV time was set aside, and Republican challenger Thom Tillis showed up. So it was broadcast across the state — with only one candidate.

Tillis had an empty chair next to him and an hour to speak to North Carolinians without an opponent.

This free airtime in a hotly contested race was too much for Maddow, who went off on Hagan for skipping it. “The moderator explained that Thom Tillis’ answers wouldn’t be timed, they were otherwise planning on timing them, because nobody else needed to talk!”

“So, for you, voters, we present this hour long conversation with just the Republican candidate. On TV. For an hour. Uncontested,” Maddow exclaimed. “So he can tell you what he thinks without any time constraints and without anybody rudely interrupting. Two weeks before Election Day. Did I mention this race is basically tied? I did mention that.”