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Dem Gets Booed For Whining About The Koch Brothers

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It’s hard to believe, but people are getting sick of Democrats blaming everything on the Koch brothers. It was a dumb tactic to begin with, and as election day looms, the Dems’ bristling panic doesn’t make them sound any smarter.

Patrick Howley reports:

Democratic New Hampshire Sen. Jeanne Shaheen was jeered with cries of “Rude!” Sunday after she interrupted her Republican opponent Scott Brown’s closing debate remarks to make a statement about the Koch Brothers.

Scott Brown had the gall to cite a lobbying organization, even though the Kochs have donated money to it. And Shaheen thought this was important enough to interrupt him about it during a debate. What’s the point of following rules when they keep you from doing whatever you want?

The Koch brothers are evil because they’ve earned their money, as opposed to confiscating it from other people by force. Businesses are bad because they have all the money, and you should vote for the Democrats because they’ll take away the businesses’ money and give it to you. Then you’ll have money. Yay!

One more week, then one more day. I cannot wait.

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Jim Treacher