In New Ad, Elbert Guillory Tells Black Voters To Reject Kay Hagan

Alex Pappas Political Reporter
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Elbert Guillory, the black Republican viral video star from Louisiana, is starring in a new ad telling black voters in North Carolina to reject incumbent Sen. Kay Hagan at the polls.

“The Democrats have created the illusion that they are the salvation of the black community,” Guillory says in the ad, shared first with The Daily Caller. “But who among us have they saved? In North Carolina, the poverty rate for blacks has risen to 34 percent.”

Adds Guillory: “You see, black people are just being used, by limousine liberals who have become our new overseers. We have only traded one plantation for another.”

The 30-second ad, paid for by the North Carolina super PAC Our America, will run on several television networks in Wake and Mecklenburg counties, according to someone involved in the effort.

The ad comes after Guillory, earlier this month, appeared in a video attacking Democratic Louisiana Sen. Mary Landrieu for sipping “champagne at cocktail parties” while black residents back home are scrounging “together food stamps to buy Kool Aid.”

Guillory gained fame last year after leaving the Democratic Party and producing a YouTube video, “Why I Am a Republican.” In it, he urged other Democrats to abandon “the government plantation and the party of disappointment.”

Hagan is locked in a tight race with Republican Thom Tillis.


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