Krauthammer On Midterms: If GOP Doesn’t Win Senate, They Should ‘Look for Another Country’ [VIDEO]

Al Weaver Reporter
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The GOP will not have a better chance to win back the Senate than they will come Nov. 4. At least, that’s what Charles Krauthammer thinks.

Appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor” Tuesday night, the syndicated columnist told Bill O’Reilly that if the Republicans can’t take back the Senate in a week’s time, they should “look for another country,” because they’ll never have a better opportunity to do so. Krauthammer also gave the GOP a 70 percent chance to take back control of the upper chamber of Congress next week.

Bill O’Reilly: As we reported earlier, Scott Brown ahead in New Hampshire. are you surprised by that?

Charles Krauthammer: No, I’m not surprised. He’s a good campaigner. This really is a Republican tide. I think the chances are very good, maybe 70 percent, that Republicans retake the Senate and for good reason. The reason is this is essentially a referendum on Obama. In 2010 it was a referendum on his ideology. The overreach with Obamacare, the stimulus, cap and trade, and now, six years in, it’s referendum on ideology, but now added on to that, it’s on shear competence.

When you are not only the party in government, you are the party of government, and you preach about the glories of government and in fact you get Hillary saying the other day, you know, it’s not corporations that create jobs. The implication being it’s government, then if you are incompetent and lose the confidence of the people you are in trouble. You have every scandal there is. Everything from the VA, to the Obamacare rollout to the Secret Service and now with Ebola. Where they are running around, have no idea what to do and they change the protocols every other day.

So, given the climate, I think it would be, you know, if the GOP can’t win back the Senate in a climate like this, maybe the party ought to look for another country.

O’Reilly: Or a PR outfit like Bernie [Goldberg] suggests.

Krauthammer: Look, the reason why “Morning In America” worked for Ronald Reagan in 1984, is because it really was morning in America. There was one of the strongest recoveries ever from a recession. The country was enjoying real growth; six, seven, eight percent at that time. We were trumping in the Cold War. The country had regained its confidence and that was a reflection of reality.

The Republicans are not going to — let’s assume they win the Senate. They are not going to win in 2016 by hiring a new PR firm or coming up with a slogan. They’ve got one task: The only thing they need to do and the most important thing they need to do is to show the country in the next two years if they control the two houses of Congress that they have a governing agenda. Right now they are the party of no, which is all you can be if you control only one house. Everything the House has passed ends up inside and under the desk of Harry Reid.

If Republicans retake the Senate, and the only reason to retake the Senate is to enact the agenda that would come out of the House into the Senate and confront Obama with a veto threat. Sharpen the differences. Show the country you are not the party of no, that you’re a party that’s prepared.