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Quote of the Day:

“Off the record does not mean you can publish your half of a conversation with a source.”

Matt Taibbi, now a former journalist with First Look Media. So far, it’s unclear exactly what story Taibbi is referring to, but it looks like it involves Paul Carr, editorial director of Pando who complained a lot about Taibbi Tuesday night. See Publisher Pierre Omidyar‘s statement about their parting of ways here. Read a great backgrounder on the whole ordeal by New York Mag’s Andrew Rice here. John Cook, editor-in-chief of The Intercept, tweeted last night: “What has happened is bad and dumb and needless and not Matt Taibbi’s fault.” Taibbi was going to spearhead an outlet called “The Racket.”

A snippet from Omidyar’s statement…

“Our differences were never about editorial independence. We have never wavered from our pledge that journalistic content is for the journalists to decide, period. We’re disappointed by how things have turned out. I was excited by Matt’s editorial vision and hoped to help him bring it to fruition. Now we turn our focus to exploring next steps for the talented team that has worked to create Matt’s publication.”

Dept. of Homeland Security official snapped pictures of a female intern’s feet 

“In 2013, according to department officials, Mr. Nieland accused the inspector general’s office of retaliating against him for making those allegations when it suspended him for two weeks without pay after he circulated photographs that he had taken of a female intern’s feet.” — NYT story on David Nieland, the investigator who led the Dept. of Homeland Security’s internal review of the 2012 White House Secret Service prostitution scandal. Meanwhile, he also allegedly paid for the services of a prostitute. He has since resigned. Read the full story here.


“That online test was exhausting! Time to get stoned & relax.” — Sydney Elaine Leathers, former sexting partner to ex-Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-Schlongston) and now a porn actress.

Confessional 2.

“Words that just came out of my mouth: ‘That’s the Jose Cansecoest thing I’ve ever heard!'” — WaPo‘s Mike DeBonis.

Checking up on BuzzFeed‘s D.C. Bureau Chief in Mexico

“Bout to eat cow udder tacos.” — BuzzFeed‘s John Stanton on Tuesday night. Some 24 hours earlier: “Just ate a gringa.”

You’ve been warned 

“Just like in sports and stock market coverage, the term “momentum” is usually bullsh*t when applied to elections.” — ESPN’s Nate Silver.

What a writer finds boring…

“Think piece on how the media got the ferguson police resigning thing wrong and what it means for the future of Twitter and zzzzzz.” — Brooklyn freelancer Peter Moscowitz.

Question to Ponder… “Honestly though. Like can we have nice things anymore ever?” — Washington Examiner‘s Kelly Cohen.


IN PLANE VIEW: “I can’t get over how pretty Chicago was flying in this morning.” — BuzzFeed‘s Kate Nocera.