How To Exploit Dead Black Males To Get Out The Vote In Wisconsin

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Conservative talk show host James T. Harris discovered a flier on the wall at Milwaukee Area Technical College last week that uses the deaths of Michael Brown, and Trayvon Martin and Dontre Hamilton to encourage voting.

The Wisconsin Daily Independent has the story.

Brown was an unarmed 18-year-old who was shot to death by a police officer on Aug. 9 in Ferguson, Mo., setting off several nights of looting and rioting. A currently-convened grand jury is deciding the fate of Darren Wilson, the cop who shot Brown multiple times.

Martin, 17 at the time of his death, was killed on Feb. 26, 2012 after he and a man, George Zimmerman, got into a quarrel. Zimmerman fatally shot Martin. In a subsequent murder trial, a jury found Zimmerman not guilty.

Hamilton, 31, died after Milwaukee officer Christopher Manney shot him. Manney found Hamilton sleeping on a park bench on April 30, and the two ended up scuffling before the fatal shooting. Manney has since been fired, but no charges have been filed against him.

The three dead males, Brown, Martin and Hamilton, were all black.

The text below their images reads: “Don’t let anyone silence your voice. Vote Nov. 4th.”

The student population at Milwaukee Area Technical College is 32 percent black.

The message, obviously intended for black students, is clearly to vote. It’s not clear who produced the ad or which candidates, if any, the creators of the propaganda support.

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