Rodriguez Reveals All For DEA Immunity

Christian Datoc Senior White House Correspondent
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Alex Rodriguez has always maintained his innocence in the face of the overwhelming mountain of evidence that ties him to performance enhancing drug use. However, a Wednesday Miami Herald article seeks to change that.

The Herald claims they have obtained an official DEA brief that details a Jan. 29, 2014 meeting with Rodriguez; in exchange for full immunity, A-Rod admitted to everything.

“Rodriguez injected the HGH into his stomach,” the DEA report stated. “Rodriguez said Bosch told him the HGH would help with sleep, weight, hair growth, eyesight and muscle recovery.”

The report also noted that during the ballplayer’s relationship with Bosch, the phony doctor “injected Rodriguez in the buttocks with a red liquid substance.” Bosch told the ballplayer that it was “vitamins, not testosterone.”

“Rodriguez was alarmed about the red liquid substance and did not want to take an injectable form of testosterone,” the report said.

Bosch also injected Rodriguez with a “clear liquid substance in the buttocks,” which he told him was “vitamins.”

In total, the report said, Bosch injected Rodriguez with the “vitamin cocktails” five to 10 times.

Rodriguez also described how Bosch gave the ballplayer “tips on how to beat MLB’s drug testing,” according to the DEA report.

Blah, blah, blah. No one cares.

Over his career, Rodriguez’s public image has transformed from lovable wonder-kid on the Mariners, to bonafide Superstar in Texas and finally into reviled cheater with the Yankees.

People don’t loathe A-Rod because he used steroids; the hate stems from his lies about the issue. Even though he never failed a drug test, he couldn’t fool the baseball community.

This article basically says “Breaking News: A-Rod’s a liar, but you already knew that didn’t you?”

If the DEA report is indeed true, then Rodriguez does in fact have full immunity for his past actions. It’s doubtful that he will change his mind and admit his wrong doings, especially coming off his 162-game suspension for being a “non-analytic positive” drug user.

You can’t humiliate A-Rod any more; Major League Baseball has already punished him and the greater baseball audience made up its mind that he’s a lying scumbag years ago.

All that’s left to be seen is if he can still be productive in the final years of his career, or if he’ll simply fade into the annals of great players exposed during the Steroid Era witch hunt.