Pete Williams: Obama’s Attorney General Pick Will Follow ‘Eric Holder’s Agenda’ [VIDEO]

Alex Griswold Media Reporter

NBC justice correspondent Pete Williams said on MSNBC’s “The Daily Rundown” Monday that President Obama’s attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch will likely follow “Eric Holder’s agenda.”

I think that she’ll certainly follow Eric Holder’s — every indication she’ll follow the broad outlines of Eric Holder’s agenda, which has been to try to reinvigorate the Civil Rights Division, especially after the huge blow the Supreme Court dealt the Voting Rights Act by gutting the Section 5 pre-clearance requirement. Now the challenge has been to try to keep the rest of the Voting Rights Act alive in court, sort of breathe new life into parts of it.

There are continuing fights over access to the ballot box, voter ID, redistricting: all those fights are coming. And there may be more districting fights in the Supreme Court. And then of course the huge defense of the president’s health-care law, which will fall on her shoulders when the Supreme Court takes that case up next year.

… There’s every reason to think she’ll follow Holder’s broad outlines on civil rights, sentencing reform and the main goals for him.


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