Obama Rejected: American People Want Republicans To Set The Nation’s Agenda

Derek Hunter Contributor
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For all the handwringing and posturing by the White House and Democrats over how the midterm elections were not a mandate for Republicans, Gallup has released a new poll showing a mandate is exactly what the American people had in mind.

In a new survey Gallup found 53 percent of Americans want Republicans to lead the nation’s agenda compared to only 36 who think President Barack Obama should. After the 2012 election, President Obama held a 46 to 42 percent advantage on the same question.

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The President, Democratic leadership, and many in the media have tried to downplay the idea that the country rejected the President’s agenda, claiming everything from 2014 being an anti-incumbent year to voter apathy were the reasons for the Democrats’ loss. Gallup’s numbers suggest otherwise.

The 17-point Republican advantage dwarfs the lead they had after the 2010 election, when they retook the House of Representatives. In 2010, the GOP held just an 8-point advantage – 49 to 41.

Gallup also asked Americans if, now that the Republicans have control of Congress, do they think will be better off, worse off, or about the same. Unsurprisingly, 67 percent of Republicans thought the country would be better off, while 44 percent of Democrats thought it would be worse. Independents were more optimistic, with 28 percent saying better and 16 percent saying worse.