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Arkansas Gov. Beebe (D) To Pardon Kyle Beebe (Son)

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There’s been some controversy about the song “Fortunate Son” this week.* And now we have a real-life example, courtesy of the Democrats.

Elicia Dover, KATV in Little Rock:

Gov. Mike Beebe says he will pardon his son, Kyle, for a felony crime from his past.

“Mr. Governor, I am asking for a second chance at life. I am asking for a second chance to be the man that I know that I can be,” Kyle Beebe wrote in his pardon application to his father.

Kyle Beebe, now 34, was charged in 2003 with possession of a controlled substance, marijuana, with intent to deliver, a class C felony. He was given 3 years supervised probation and fines. Gov. Beebe was serving as the state’s attorney general at the time. At the time of the arrest, Gov. Beebe was quoted in a local newspaper saying, “If he broke the law, he needs to pay for it. He needs to be treated like everybody else-no better, worse.”

“Daddy, may I be excused?”

I’m not sure marijuana possession should be a felony, but what about all the people whose parents aren’t the governor?

*I’m not too worked up about it, but Bruce sounded like $#!+. He needs a lozenge the size of Newark.

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